Custom Apparel

Digital Printing Process

At Disko, we specialise in a method of apparel customisation called 'direct to film' or DTF printing. DTF uses a water based ink, printed onto an application film. The ink is backed with a special powder coating, which acts as a powerful glue, bonding directly into the fabric substrate when the DTF transfer is applied to the textile via a heat press.

Direct to film apparel graphics have amazing colour vibrancy, and the resulting prints are stretch, crack and fade resistant, while still being soft to the touch. DTF transfers are also very versatile in regards to kinds of graphics that can be printed. Where as traditional methods such as screen printing might limit the amount of colours and detail that can be used, DTF is much more flexible. With DTF you can print fine details, gradient colours and even photos.

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Disko custom apparel black t-shirt

Garment Care

Our DTF transfer custom garment graphics are stretch tested and fade resistant. They are also machine wash tested for up to fifty washes without seeing degradation to the print. The following wash process should be followed to ensure that the custom print maintains integrity.

  • Wash on a cold water cycle with the garment turned inside out.

  • Use only a mild detergent and little to no fabric softener.

  • Do not machine dry. Line dry inside out.

  • Iron inside out. Do not iron over the printed area.

A roll of direct to film transfers, ready to be heat pressed.